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Knowledge is power, and ignorance is dangerous.  Our goal is to work with those groups that share our perspectives on educating the public on best and safe use of entheogens.  All of these groups are either clients and or close community members on joint projects. 


The SGC is an Oakland based entheogen church that helped the Entheogen Decriminalization come to fruition in Oakland.  Strongly situated in as educators within their community, the depth of their decades of entheogen experience is astounding.  Their leadership and membership all desire a safe and understood sacrament for practice and regularly counsel with Critical Consulting on these topics.


A mainstay of the Oakland mycological scene, providing knowledge, leadership, and a voice to the community from the streets.  Their credentials are a deep list of international connections and undeniable receipts.  Critical Consulting has been working with them on entheogen chemical testing methods and we are excited and thankful to share the fruits of those labors with the public in the coming decade!


Bay area leaders in both outreach and education for microdose and macrodose entheogen use.  The SFPS has always provided strong community connections; on the local scene and global ones.  Their desire to help people connect with traditional entheogen use and cultural outreach,they always strive to educate their members and the public in safe and responsible entheogen use.  We have teamed up for numerous projects in 2021!


An amazing resource for integration circles, psychedelic music, inspired podcasts, and hilarious memes.  Tam Integration put on its Psilocybin Summit for two years now and has solidified themselves as one of the best resources for community and understanding within the entheogen space.  Critical Consulting has both moderated for the summit, but also works behind the scenes;  2021 will see us educating on home testing!

Ian Michael Bollinger

Founding Partner at Critical Consulting
Entheogen Researcher and Data Scientist

An international scientist advising for harm reduction through education. Working with the entheogen decriminalization movement in the SF Bay Area since passing, Ian works with churches, non-profits, and public benefit corporations to bring scientific insights from the growing entheogen space to the public.


Savannah Sherard

Science Partner at Critical Consulting
Mother Nature Educator

A dedicated naturalist, herbalist, and scientist, Savannah’s education in biochemistry and training in regulated analytical laboratories provide a strong foundation for understanding the robust testing methodologies needed for natural and pharmaceutical products.  Her ongoing education in herbalism, entheogens, and sacred ritual led her to collaborate with decriminalization coalitions in her community in order to cultivate awareness and reform legislation. Savannah strives to unify the scientific and metaphysical realms while providing method development expertise in emerging technologies.